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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Friday, September 7, 2018


Welcome to Math!
Where would we be without math?
Here are some responses from the fifth graders...
... there would be no food, water, or houses, because you need to calculate how much it all costs. - S.C. 5-306
... we would probably be in the stone era. - I.G. 5-306
... there would be no NYC because architecture involves math! G.C. 5-306
...we would not be able to know what day it was or what time or what year and there would be no way of knowing anything! - E.T. 5-506
...we would not know how much the food at the store is. J.B. 5-307
...we wouldn't be able to count, bake, or measure. C.B. 5-307
...people couldn't have developed technology. D.W. 5-307
...the economy would fall apart. L.V.V. 5-307
...we wouldn't have time. D.W. 5-302
...there would be no FUN in learning. E.L. 5-302 couldn't measure length. C.Z. 5-302
...there's no point in life! K.D. 5-302